A “Huddle Room” is a space where employees or project team members may go for brief meetings. Physically, a Huddle Room is a small conference or meeting room (can accommodate between 3-6 people) that is a hub for collaborating, thinking, presenting, and problem solving.

It is estimated that the total number of huddle rooms around the world today is between 30 and 50 million (Wainhouse Research, 2015).  The huddle room concept is also not new. Most organizations, from small to large, have “little” spaces where employees or even students working on ideas or projects have come together. With the advancement of audio-visual and collaboration products (not only in terms of technology but also in terms of size), these “little spaces” are getting more and more utilized. The equipment that is used in huddle rooms are not as sizeable as that of typical large conference rooms. However, huddle room technology offer flexibility  (the ability to support Bring-your-own-device or BYOD) and most recently, Bring-Your-own-Conferencing or BYOC), for example), ease of use and  relatively lower investment cost.

What is in a Huddle Room?

Huddle room technology may vary depending on the organization and the type of activities it is mostly used for. Common elements in a huddle room may typically include:

  • A table or central workspace – some huddle rooms may provide chairs, and some may only have “standing meeting” type of workspaces
  • Some type of medium to large sized display since this will be the focal tool on which huddle room users utilize all the time. The display is often mounted against a wall to maximize space, or on a mobile stand if the walls are used for other purposes such as whiteboarding or ideation. Displays usually have integrated speakers and are LCD/LED type, and can be interactive.
  • If communication is needed for other participants who are outside of the room, video conferencing tools are added such as a video collaboration software, a camera and a microphone.
  • Huddle rooms may also have a room signage to allow users to reserve the room ahead of time
Arrive’s Huddle Space solution

Arrive’s line of products offers an end-to-end technology solution from affordable to exquisite. Arrive AirPoint seamless wireless presenters for BYOD, Arrive MediaPoint and Arrive HuddlePoint systems offer integrated wired and wireless flush mount cable management auto-switchers with USB hub capability for Bring-Your-Own-Conferencing (BYOC), Arrive FacePoint systems offer fully integrated video collaboration systems for Skype-for-Business™with media management and room automation with table top touch control consoles and Arrive TouchPoint Collaboration Hubs provide touch enabled integrated all-in-one video collaboration display systems.

The Arrive HuddlePoint™

Purposefully designed to meet the explosive needs of business transformation, the Arrive HuddlePoint™ integrated conferencing hub leverage the most flexible, new approach to business collaboration: bring-your-own-conferencing (BYOC).  This allows business teams working from a huddle room to use their own video conferencing codec, and instantly connect to larger group settings.

The HuddlePoint™ capitalizes on the fact that todays’ mobile devices carry not just one, but several powerful video conferencing codecs- Polycom, Cisco, Skype, Go-to-Meeting, Vidyo, Zoom, Google Hangouts, to name a few. By adding a wireless media gateway device such as the Arrive AirPoint, the  HuddlePoint™ wirelessly connects a mobile Android, Apple or Windows 8.1 device to a large screen display, and mirrors both video and audio, delivering a large screen experience.  As an easy to operate, integrated central hub, HuddlePoint™ also connects USB equipped devices like a full HD PTZ camera and a USB microphone; provides convenient fast-charging function for devices, and source display switching/scaling.  Together, these unique Arrive HuddlePoint™  features deliver  “big meeting room”  high quality collaboration experience to smaller spaces such as huddle rooms.

Arrive HuddlePoint 4010-CMMH

Purposefully designed to meet the explosive needs of business transformation, the Arrive HuddlePoint™ integrated conferencing hub leverage the most flexible, new approach to business collaboration: bring-your-own-conferencing (BYOC). This allows business teams working from a huddle room to use their own video conferencing codec, and instantly connect to larger group settings.

  • Wired Multi-Format AV switching and scaling for legacy and wired connected device presentations.
  • Video source input auto-switching
  • Top access to smart device DC charger via universal AC socket
  • Built-in USB 3.0 hub
  • Flush-mounted; provides cable management receptacle where physical Display Port, HDMI, VGA and other pull out cables are housed for user convenience
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