Arrive Edgeless Learning makes it very easy for you to build your classrooms for tomorrow

The classroom experience must be a place of sharing ideas, creativity and dynamic learning. Classrooms today are often limited to interactive whiteboards, basic PCs, audio systems and simple physical security. Many classrooms lack robust wireless networking, an intuitive user experience and tools for collaboration.

Factors driving the needs of classrooms for tomorrow :

Unsustainable cost of providing a continual 1:1 stream of technology for every learner.

Students bring their own devices


Mounting challenge of retaining learners attention in the classrooom

Arrive provides end-to-end education solutions – we deliver a comprehensive and innovative product-service offering.  This includes interactive classroom scheduling signage, wired and wireless BYOD connectivity, and video collaboration & presentation solutions.  Our end-to-end education portfolio include everything from connectivity to interactions – spanning voice, video, data and collaborative content management. From collaboration software, to connectivity solutions and system control, Arrive Systems delivers a true turnkey approach to education: on premise to cloud …making the classroom of tomorrow possible today.
Unified Media Hubs and Wireless Presentation Gateways

The Arrive MediaPoint  unified media hubs are self-contained,  and stand-alone products  that do not require network infrastructure to operate inside classrooms for wired and wireless BYOD presentations, with a host of other features that enhances classroom technology requirements:

  • Universal wireless BYOD media receiver to connect mainstream smartphones and tablets. Self-sufficient with no dependence on WiFi network for one-to-one screen mirroring.
  • Hubs are wired BYOD friendly with multi-format AV switcher and VGA scalar built-in. Auto-switching on digital inputs.
  • Convenient pull out cables provide VGA / HDMI and Display Port connectivity without needing break-out cables. Provision as required.
  • Universal USB fast charger for mainstream smart phones and tablets (including iPads).
  • Educator and learners bring media on their own devices that can now be shared wirelessly on the classroom display.
  • Universal wireless receiver supports Apple AirPlay, Android and Windows devices.
  • No client app required to run on learner and education devices.

Classroom Door Interactive Scheduling and Signage
  • Room Signs
  • Upload the full semester time table at one go
  • Report maintenance outages
  • Make announcements
  • Analytics/reports for room device maintenance and real estate utilization
  • Centrally managed
  • Google and Microsoft calendar friendly
How to prepare your classrooms for tomorrow
Ask us today how you prepare your classrooms for tomorrow
Learn together-no matter what the distance

One part number is all you need to purchase a complete distance learning classroom package – we can provide software or appliances with embedded collaboration app for touch displays that includes video conferencing and other tools, and a unified resource management platform that can all be integrated as a learning solution package.

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