Released Date: 17-02-2014

1. What’s new?/ New Features
Localization Provisioned Arabic Language Support on Web and Client interface along with Exchange integration on English based calendar.
In-Room Device Error Reporting Provisioned error reporting of in-room devices through InfoPoint devices.
2. Improvements / Enhancements
Manage Reservation Provisioned inclusion of attendees and attachments in reservation details with bi-directional exchange integration.
Exchange Integration Compatible with Exchange 2007/2010/2013
3. Known Issues and Limitations
Manage Reservation Swapping the recurrence reservation from daily to weekly or weekly to daily is not reflected.
Manage Reservation Multi-time zone support across multiple venues in a single reservation is not supported.
Manage Reservation By default, the calendar display is positioned at start of the day (12 AM). Consequent page refreshes do not shift the display to current time.
Manage Reservation Reservations made for a time zone different from the room time zone, does not align correctly.
Arabic Localization Date and calendar, Organizer Title (Mr, Mrs,etc), Bulk upload and Bulk download dialog boxes are in English.
Arabic Localization Cursor movement is Left to Right; same as English culture.
Arabic Localization Backspace key from on-screen keyboard does not function.
Arabic Localization Special character orientation is disturbed when coupled with Arabic text.
App Push InfoPoint client status not change through ‘App Push’ option even after successful completion of client utility upgrade on respective InfoPoint display.
Reports The generated report leaves stripes on screen (browser: IE 10); however when exported, the contents are visible correctly.
Exchange Synchronization Single and recurrence reservations containing multiple venues is not supported.
Exchange Synchronization Editing or canceling a single occurrence from a recurrence series may not get synchronized with Exchange completely and the change may not reflected correctly on the Web and Client interface of InfoPoint.
  • Add User and Add Venue options are disabled if Exchange integration is enabled.
  • Maximum character support of the “Subject” field is 36 characters.
  • Client Application takes 1 minute to refresh the page.
  • Hijri calendar is not supported.
  • Configuration page always in English.
  • Changing the email id of the exchange room mailbox is treated as a new exchange room mailbox.
  • Schedules with blank subject lines are synchronized. ( Microsoft Exchange feature).