• Multi-platform support for collaboration providers
  • Uses any PC or web-based applications
  • Simple easy-to-use graphical user interface: Start a video or local session in one step
  • Operates on main presentation screen without the need for a separate control device
  • Conferencing and PC hardware agnostic
  • Centralized setup,configuration, application delivery and management
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The Arrive FacePoint® EMT application is the ultimate collaboration solution that is easy, smart and secure. It seamlessly brings multiple technologies together into a single application to collaborate, present and control. The FacePoint EMT app can be installed and launched from a NUC PC or other collaboration processor that connects to a single, interactive screen and other in-room collaboration peripherals such as speakers, a microphone and a conference camera.

The FacePoint EMT application can work standalone, or integrated with the Arrive OnePoint™ 2.0 Server platform. Combined with the powerful features of OnePoint 2.0, and the unified communication & desktop collaboration features of Microsoft’s Skype for Business, FacePoint EMT provides unparalleled user convenience for better collaboration and thus, great meetings!.

The Arrive Facepoint EMT interface:

Arrive FacePoint EMT interface

Arrive FacePoint EMT introduces the ability to use both MS Exchange, Google Calendar or Ofc365 to create your choice of meeting rooms. Arrive FacePoint EMT supports not only the preferred meeting platform Skype for Business, but also hosts meetings from multiple vendors such as Google Hangouts, Polycom, Cisco WebEx, BlueJeans and many more. Local sessions is just one tap away with ready to use apps, connected media and click connection to a video collaboration session. The easy interterface provides any meeting room with an advanced software that allows users to have control over collaboration, conferencing or presentations without the need for separate control software or devices.

Secure! No need for room reset - Arrive FacePoint EMT comes with lockdown feature and clears temporary data upon session exits.

Suits a variety of meeting and learning spaces
As an innovative and cost effective interface for today’s most wanted extreme collaboration and control requirements, the Arrive FacePoint EMT is designed for organizations that are looking to provide an easy yet intuitive and rich collaborative experience.

Arrive FacePoint EMT installations

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  • Simple easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Operates on main presentation screen without the need for a separate control device
  • Multi-platform support for collaboration providers such Skype for Business™, Google Hangouts™, Zoom™,etc.
  • Start a Video Collaboration Session using the enhanced, yet familiar Skype for Business interface:
    • Invite and manage Skype for Business participants
    • Access all Skype tools : whiteboard, screen sharing , etc.
  • Start Local Sessions with ready to use apps, connected media, and one-click connection to video collaboration
  • Share desktop content screens along with applications and shared drives
  • Enable whiteboard sharing without distracting room participants from the visible content on display screens
  • Email whiteboard contents to video session participants
  • Provide control functions on-screen to better manage sessions and system setup
  • A Microsoft Exchange resource mailbox account to facilitate calendar scheduling for the meeting rooms.
  • A Skype for Business enabled account on a Skype for Business server
  • Arrive OnePoint server is installed on premise or cloud and configured with the Arrive EMP
  • Ensure that Arrive FacePoint 2.0- EMT software is activated
  • Ensure that peripherals (e.g. camera, microphone, etc.) are connected correctly to the Arrive EMP.
  • Ensure connection to an interactive screen – Arrive FacePoint 2.0-EMT is designed for single interactive screens to maximize the solution’s functions