• 8″ multi-touch small form factor touch panel integrated device

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) for single wire data and power inputs

  • Reserve rooms remotely via Microsoft Exchange/Outlook mail client

  • Book Ad-hoc meetings directly from the appliance

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The Arrive InfoPoint™ ID-800 is a networked room booking and signage system – an information Display (ID)  with an 8″ screen. It works as a client to a central management server console, Arrive OnePoint EMServer (ver.1.0), and provides powerful room scheduling and reservation, broadcast signage, weather, and room resource information & management. This enables efficient utilization of room resources in shared spaces. The scheduling platform eliminates double-booking conflicts, and ensures that room schedules are optimized. The integrated large touch-screen display provides booking information at a-glance right outside the room door. It shows the room reservation calendar, start, end and remaining time of ongoing bookings, or the next reservation to help optimize Available or Reserved status visually.

The powerful Arrive InfoPoint 2.0 integrated software provides users the ability to reserve rooms remotely via web, Office 365, or Microsoft Exchange™ in advance, or make instant reservations right outside the door.  Runs with Arrive OnePoint EMServer (ver.1.0) that also offers powerful integration with other Arrive devices such as  FacePoint and ControlPoint platforms to offer the only integrated room management system in the market.

  • Reserve and schedule from Web-based User Interface or directly from the InfoPoint touch panel
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook to reserve rooms while inviting people to a meeting
  • Seamless integration with other Arrive products
  • Schedule recurring events on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Display a room’s schedule for the day or the coming days
  • Display a ticker line on demand running information and other non-emergency messages on home screen