• Ultimate BYOC solution with built-in USB3.0 hub to connect third-party devices for video collaboration
  • Multi-Format AV switching and scaling for legacy or wired connected presentation devices
  • Video source input auto-switching and scalar
  • Top access to smart device DC charger via universal AC socket (110V and 220V versions)
  • Flush-mounted; provides cable management for physical Display Port, HDMI, VGA and other pull out cables for user convenience
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Arrive HuddlePoint 4010 CMMH is a powerful Bring-Your-Own-Conferencing (BYOC) solution; a flush-mounted, table top media hub with cable management and wired BYOD connectivity. The HuddlePoint is ideal for smaller spaces such as huddle rooms used as meeting, working or learning spaces, and many other applications. It integrates seamlessly with HD displays and provides a dedicated port to connect a Wireless Media Presenter of your choice. The HuddlePoint has a built-in 3:1 USB 3.0 hub for connecting a USB Camera, Microphone and Interactive Flat Panel Display to User Laptops; along with built-in user selectable display switcher/scalar for wired HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA (scaled to HDMI). Its Universal Fast Charge USB Ports support mainstream Smartphones and Tablet devices 5V DC Max 2.4A.
The AHP-4010-CMMH is a low profile flush mounted table top unit, with an ergonomic under table mounting design for quick access to cables and easy installation.

  • Ultimate BYOC Solution : Connects third-party devices to enable video collaboration solution for any type of space from mid to large sized conference rooms
  • USB Hub : Plug and play connectivity - offers faster transfer rate and ease-of-use, making a huge difference in the world of USB peripherals including cameras, external microphones, interactive whiteboard or displays, and more.
  • Mainstream Wired BYOD : Built-in wired video inputs for DisplayPort, HDMI and legacy VGA +VGA Audio laptops and PCs
  • Auto-Video Source Switching:  Display user selected wired (or wireless*) video sources to a single HDMI connected display
    • AV signals auto-switch upon connection sensing
  • Cable Management :  Provides cable management receptacle where physical DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and other pull out cables are housed for user convenience
    • Eliminates the need for additional break-out cables to be connected and disconnected each time
  • Universal Fast Charging of SmartPhones and Tablets : Built-in Universal USB DC fast charge ports provide universal charging to mainstream smartphones and tablet devices
  • Many ways to control : Convenient user control via Auto-Switching of digital inputs, Button Panel Control with LED indicators, IR, and RS-232 control from third party control devices


  • Wired BYOD: Integrated Display Port, HDMI and VGA + VGA audio input. Physical connection ports with auto-switching on digital inputs. VGA is scaled to HDMI with audio embedded. HD out supports 1080p 60Hz on all source channels – wired. EDID pass through on wired sources.
  • AC Input/Output:  For connecting laptops and smartphone charging adapters via universal socket available in AC 110V and 220V versions.
  • Universal Fast Charge: Dual high-speed ports located on the top panel allow quick charging of USB devices. Both top panel ports can charge most smartphones such as iPhone, Amazon Fire Phone and some of the Nokia Windows and Samsung Galaxy series phones using device approved USB cables. Supports 5V-DC Max 2.4A Fast Charge.
  • USB 3.0 for peripherals: Offers faster transfer rate with its ease-of-use and plug and play making a huge difference in the world of USB peripherals including cameras, external microphones, interactive whiteboard and more
  • HDMI Auxiliary Input for optional screen mirroring function from wireless connected devices which support Apple AirPlay and WiFi Miracast such as Arrive AirPoint wireless presenter or other third party media devices such as Apple TV, Android TV and other wireless presenters

Frame Case and Mounting

  • Frame/Case : Recyclable Aluminum alloy flat-top plate with metal powder coated body
  • Color : Black anodized brushed aluminum top plate – black metal powder coating elsewhere
  • Mounting : Table top; flushed
  • Mounting Kit : Table top mounting kit included with installation instructions

Included Cables and Hardware

  • 1 x 5V – 8A power adaptor and cable
  • 2x under table mounting brackets with screws and assembly parts for cable management.
  • 1x cable management kit

Installation requirements

  • Requires physical tabletop cut-out using installation template for mounting and fixing.
  • Requires installer to select wired inputs such as Display Port, HDMI and VGA+VGA Audio and install table surface sized pull out high quality cables to provide pull out wired video connection facility.
  • HDMI enabled display device (i.e. television, projector) and HDMI cable.
  • Available AC Input / Output capability