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06 Jan 2016

Gigantic Arrive TouchPoint Interactive Flat Panel Multi-touch Display Appliance available in 98” 4K UHD with built-in Android device and OPS PC slot

Predicting an exponential growth in the Interactive Flat Panel Business opportunity in 2016, Arrive’s enhanced range of collaborative high-density infrared 10 touch interactive (HDIR) displays, provide a superior multi-user-multi-touch (MUMT) experience.

TouchPoint IFP is a game changer! Users can interact with media and each other like never before. With enhanced technical performance and unsurpassed format flexibility, TouchPoint is available in a variety of screen sizes – from full HD 55”/65”/70”/75” to 4K- Ultra HD 84” and the gigantic 98”. Arrive TouchPoint also supports multi-platforms including Android, Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS, plus optional in-built OPS PC capability for Intel i3 / i5 / i7 processor modules with dual display connectivity.

Arrive TouchPoint offers the same simple and natural navigation as a smartphone, but on a much larger scale. This allows several users at once to interact with media. Its HDIR and MUMT technologies offer the following user advantages:

  • High Response Rate
  • Ambient Light Immunity
  • Multi-Touch Support
  • Multiple Display Panels on One PC
  • Wide Range of Sizes

High Density Infrared (HDIR) can identify and track even the smallest finger, gloved hand or other object movement. This allows precise control of objects that are touched and dragged. As example, when multiple users are collaborating on a concept drawing requiring many, quick touches, the experience is now totally smooth and responsive – without any delay. Multi-User-Multi-Touch (MUMT) technology delivers an extraordinary and fluid experience – offering effortless, natural interaction for many users simultaneously.

In addition to enhanced range of Interactive Flat Panel Multi-Touch Displays, Arrive has also added an extensive range of Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch tables from 55” – 70” available in 4K UHD and FHD resolutions.