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04 Jul 2016
Leading meeting and learning spaces solutions provider Arrive Systems reaffirms commitment to innovative technology and design with latest standalone software for its InfoPoint Solo interactive touch screen room booking solution

Arrive Systems, the innovative provider of meeting and learning spaces solutions, today announced the availability of the InfoPoint™ Solo, the next generation in room booking technology which enhances the meeting space experience with an easy user interface, simple integration with popular mailbox and calendar apps (e.g. Google Calendar™, MS Outlook™, Office 365™) and advanced interactive touch screen. Meetings can be booked online – from mobile smart phones, tablets, to on premise desktops, and update instantly on InfoPoint. The InfoPoint Solo does not require a dedicated server to configure and synchronize calendar and meeting room information; but can also act as a client if paired with Arrive’s OnePoint EMServer resource management platform. It is the latest addition to Arrive’s line of room booking products designed to maximize use of shared spaces and resources, save energy, and improve productivity. Arrive InfoPoint Solo is for progressive organizations seeking to invest in innovative technology solutions for today’s modern work places – from a single meeting room or for thousands of enterprise-wide rooms.

The Arrive InfoPoint Solo integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Google Calendar app accounts for the meeting invitation process, and comes with added functionality that includes support for custom logo display, line announcement, weather and room capacity information, “sticky” notes, display theme, and check-in feature that ensures reserved rooms are actually in use. Additionally, the devices’ software can be updated by one-touch online auto-update, or physically via USB. The touch screens display detailed meeting information including venue name, organizer’s name, time and date of meeting, calendar daily and weekly views, and availability of room. Reservations can also be done ad-hoc on device by using the “book-now” feature. On-screen booking is quick and easy by picking from any of the 15/30/45/60/90/120 minute time block, by keying in the exact number of reserved time, or by choosing from a list of available periods in a day.

The Arrive InfoPoint Solo comes in 10 and 7-inch capacitive touch screen models, and are installed at the meeting space entrance. The devices are lightweight and can be mounted on wood, concrete and glass wall surfaces, with a streamlined low-profile design that adds an elegant, professional look to any dynamic workspace. It is powered-over-ethernet (PoE) to reduce cable clutter with optional DC adapter for WiFi network access; and comes with energy efficient LED status lights that help indicate a room’s availability status even when viewed from a distance. The device is beautifully designed and value-engineered but at a very competitive price point.//