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14 Nov 2015
Room booking solution Arrive InfoPoint® 2.0 with enhanced user-interface for better room booking and room signage

Arrive is excited to present the release of InfoPoint 2.0. This includes an improved user-interface with a sleek, clean design – packing more features and delivering a superior room scheduling experience.

What’s updated in this release?
  • Ticker tape added for running information and other non-emergency messages
  • Enhanced customer logo positioning
  • Real-time weather data can be added on the Home screen via the InfoPoint Server
  • Quick Picks for convenient ad hoc on screen bookings::
    • “Book by Duration” – Uses Quick Pick, a feature allowing users to choose meeting duration time in 15/30/45/60/90 minute blocks. Also allows discrete selection by keying in the exact number of minutes needed.
    • “Book by Availability” – Shows the vacant periods in between reserved time blocks. Allows users to choose from the open time blocks by pressing on “Book this” – InfoPoint then automatically reserves the room.
  • “End Now” button allows user to conclude a meeting before the reserved time block is exhausted

Learn more about the InfoPoint’s enhanced features?