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03 Jan 2017
Arrive InfoPoint 2.0 -the next generation room booking and signage appliance now available

Arrive is pleased to announce the availability of Arrive InfoPoint 1000 (AIP-ID-1000), a full-featured room booking and signage appliance with a 10” capacitive touch screen. It comes with the latest version of the Arrive InfoPoint software (2.0) that provides clear, easy to use and intuitiveuser interface design. This allows users to manage reservations and resources with only a few touches- saving valuable time, money and energy.

Arrive InfoPoint also allows reservations to be done from a desktop or other devices since it integrates seamlessly with existing e-mail server MS Outlook™, and apps like Google®  calendar.

With a 10” touchscreen encased in a thin, elegant frame, the Arrive InfoPoint 1000 may be the sleekest productivity tool outside your door! Just imagine the benefits that you can get:

Reduce Costs

Attract and retain clients, staff

Increase Productivity

Promote and differentiate your brand, services and offerings