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05 Sep 2016
“Just Bring Yourself ” - Arrive RoomPoint integrated room systems with collaboration and control Arrive's innovative room systems, collectively called Arrive RoomPoint leave no meeting or learning space behind! This “JBY” solution delivers a comprehensive and innovative product-service offering for meeting and learning spaces that includes unified media presentation and video collaboration, room booking & signage, resource management, and central control & automation. The Arrive RoomPoint is flexible since the technology included in the system depends on the environment on which it is installed. However, the common element is the collaboration and control functions. For example, a specification for an Arrive RoomPoint designed for a meeting space may include but not limited to:
  • Arrive FacePoint processor (eg. an Arrive FacePoint OTT device - a collaboration codec processor with an integrated camera, or a NUC)
  • Arrive Facepoint 2.0 software - embedded in the processor
  • Arrive OnePoint EMServer - a resource management platform
  • Arrive InfoPoint device - a room scheduling and signage appliance
  • Arrive MediaPoint FTMH - a unified media collaboration hub
The Arrive RoomPoint room system puts together the ability to collaborate via the Arrive FacePoint software embedded in our codec processors that allows users to use video conferencing applications (ex. Skype for Business, Polycom, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts), access frequently used applications such as browsers (ex. Google), MS Office (ex. PowerPoint), cloud apps (ex. OneDrive), shortcuts to local or shared drives, etc. When used with Skype for Business, it gives familiar conferencing functions such as managing participants, sharing screens, or using whiteboard, among others. The system includes control functions to manage the collaboration function along with the room's devices. Control can be from a touch panel, or directly from the Arrive FacePoint software (AFP-EMT). Arrive's "Just-Bring-Yourself" technology offers a variety of possibilities to the technology consultant, AV designer, system integrator, and the user in terms of the many ways Arrive's products can be integrated together to provide the best collaboration experience possible.