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05 Sep 2016

We just pushed extreme collaboration to a new level with the Arrive FacePoint EMT Solo! This breakthrough collaboration app comes with its own configuration tool to enable users to easily setup and put together presentation and collaboration apps, sync online calendar accounts, manage room resources, etc. without the need for a dedicated server.

Arrive FacePoint EMT was first deployed at the University of Calgary’s Taylor Institute in Canada early this year. This mobile collaboration for learning setup is being launched from a codec processor embedded with the FacePoint software  along with the Arrive OnePoint Server running from the backend. However, with the new Arrive FacePoint EMT Solo edition, it only takes an online mailbox/calendar account, and a collaboration app (Skype for Business is recommended, but other video conferencing apps such as those from Polycom or BlueJeans); and an interactive touch display connected to a processor running the EMT Solo software. Users will then be able to enjoy the touch interactive user interface with less set-up time.

The complete functionality of the Arrive FacePoint EMT Solo is executed by a single press when choosing one of the two buttons on the UI: one for video collaboration and the other for a local session. It is also capable of providing users access to an integrated application widget store to flexibly publish custom widgets that are available as: executable applications, media on networked drives, internet browsers, and any application located on the intranet or internet with just the url.

The Arrive FacePoint EMT Solo’s configuration tool can be accessed remotely, and provides the central configuration, management and customization for the user, instead of a dedicated resource management server.