Manage Room Booking. Interactive Room Signage


InfoPoint is a turnkey solution that seamlessly integrates with existing e-mail servers over your network. Installation is easy to manage, deploy and administer. Secure, reliable with large size displays and small footprints.

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Every room at your fingertips

Arrive InfoPoint delivers scheduling ease and efficiency for all your meeting rooms, classrooms and other shared workspaces. This effective facility management solution eliminates booking conflicts and clearly communicates room activity.

Scheduling can be centrally controlled and synchronized with existing calendar management programs. Integrates seamlessly with the mainstream e-Mail clients.

So Easy. Make every door count…

Visual cues presented in an elegant compact sign system with Red or Green status indicators. With Arrive InfoPoint, room booking is quick, efficient and centrally managed. Scheduling control is simple and intuitive - no user training required.

Room activity information is displayed on elegant touch-screen signage. Signage may be used individually or as a facility-wide solution.

A billboard on every door

Broadcast creative graphics, visual images, advertising, security alerts and share the news with your customers and employees interactively. Make each and every room door your messaging billboard.

Signage can present a diversity of information – conduct surveys, make announcements, show digital signage graphics, provide security direction.