What are the challenges?
  • Undifferentiated Guest Experience   >>  difficult maintaining competitive edge focusing only on property and room amenities
  • On Demand   >>  increasing guest demands for streaming media and advanced technologies
  • Energy Management   >>  lack of monitoring to optimize utilities based on usage
  • Asset Management   >>  limited data to optimize room refresh cycles on most used assets
What is our vision?

Intelligent guest rooms enable:

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Automated Processing
of Information
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Seamless Linking
of Systems
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Vendor Agnostic Control
Over Smart Platforms
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Energy Savings
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Space Utilization

Like always, hotel guests expect a superior and unique home away from home experience. Reinforced by today's technology, guests want to take control of all aspects of their stay with the touch of a button. Wireless connectivity - whether to the internet or to a room equipment is also expected. At the same time, hospitality operators want to deliver on the experience to build popularity, loyalty and enjoy premium returns.They want to be able to have access to data or analytics to gain business intelligence, and most of all - to reduce both capital and operating expenditures.

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The Intelligent Guest Room Solution Components

Arrive offers a unified resource management system for today's intelligent guest room. This includes the ability to integrate AV devices, control systems, room scheduling and signage, video conferencing platform, wired and wireless connectivity, and access to data analytics, reports and support management.




How does Arrive OnePoint drive intelligent guest rooms?

The Arrive OnePoint platform enables a seamless integration between room devices,control and cloud apps. This enables guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions in their room with one easy-to-use interface, giving them the ability to create an environment perfectly suited for their stay. For hotel operators, OnePoint's issue management, analytics, reporting and other functions allow them to manage many aspects of the hotel user experience including guest rooms and business areas. Altogether, these help reduce labor costs, improve service, optimize facility usage and save energy.