Centrally Manage Resources from OnePoint


Arrive OnePoint is an enterprise class server software that will deploy, manage and control thousands of enterprise wide network connected technology assets from a central console – without complex programming.

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Every technology asset at your fingertips

Set-up a library of technology assets owned and used in the organization. Create control code libraries in a central database once. Centrally deploy to global locations, buildings, floors and rooms.

Simply allocate technology assets from a central library to rooms across your entire organization.

Custom control programming made easy

Arrive OnePoint has a table of controls built-in. No specialized programming software required.

Simply allocate devices and controls from the library to your control table. Create a project and build a unique control sequence. Use secure socket commands over TCP/IP and physical serial connections on Arrive in-room processors to execute commands.

Arrive OnePoint automated UI generation eliminates the complexity of building standardized graphics. Build control UI’s centrally and push to connected room in minutes.

Deploy standardized graphical UIs for device control in the entire organization.

Save energy and consumption

Link control functions to auto start and auto end activity as part of your control sequence.

Save money and the environment by remotely turning off equipment when not in use.