The Arrive FacePoint distance learning system extends the power of the Arrive FacePoint appliance by providing a single source classroom conferencing package.  This consists of cameras, touch interactive displays, microphones.  Our system offers connectivity solutions to a plethora of AV devices for media sharing, wireless BYOD and central control via Arrive ControlPoint.

  • Arrive ControlPoint wired and wireless control tablets provide a convenient touch screen console which makes managing and controlling meetings as simple as operating a smartphone.
  • Remote control Lync sessions, invite student and presenter participants, initiate sessions, share wired and wireless BYOD media, mute mics and control video views. All from the remote touch screen without having to use a keyboard or mouse.
  • Launch OnePoint EM Server provisioned software applications, access shared storage, host and manage central virtual applications and connected to remote desktops.
  • Control external environment and AV devices such as lighting, blinds, climate controls, displays, media players and set-top boxes with user friendly GUI’s managed centrally from the OnePoint EM server.
  • View classroom schedules, leave notes and receive announcements, provision in-room digital signage and manage meeting schedules including start, extend and end sessions directly from the touch tablet.
  • In addition, choose from other established software collaboration platforms such as Google Chrome for Meetings,  Cisco WebEx, Cisco Jabber, Skype, Go-to-Training,  Blue Jeans, Zoom etc. and bring them all into your learning places alongside the ability to conduct Lync remote video and collaboration sessions.