• Unified resource management server software that provisions and centrally manages meeting spaces providing calendar synchronization, scheduling management, device specific application provisioning, collaboration platform interface, digital signage, announcements, and integration with room environment and device control
  • Automatically detects active Arrive devices, prodding enhanced functionality
  • Friendly, intuitive and simple user icons
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The Arrive OnePoint®  is a Unified Resource Management IoT Platform server software, provided in an enterprise class unified service package that enables central management of all the data and information requirements for meeting and learning spaces. As a central resource management server software, it provisions and centrally manages room schedules, collaboration, and other work spaces – providing calendar synchronization, scheduling management, device specific application provisioning, collaboration platform interface, digital signage, announcements, and integration with room environment and device control.

OnePoint 2.0 runs on a physical or virtual Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2/2012/2016 server with IIS. It is the single point of inter operation for all third party services interaction required to provide the information services for ARRIVE’s front end devices.

OnePoint 2.0 can be accessed through:

  • Web Interface
  • Calendar Systems
Package versions:

OnePoint 2.0, by default, initially runs on a 30-day trial period which can be activated with valid license keys within or upon the trial period expiry. This free trial license is good for a five venues. 

Arrive OnePoint EMServer is a resource management platform server software AOP-SERVER-05
OnePoint 2.0 Server software license for less than or equal to (=<) 5 devices on same LAN/WAN.
AOP-SERVER-5 + 5  (for every 5 additional rooms upgrade package).

Standard Arrive OnePoint Server - CarePoint Foundation Software Support for 1-100 devices.

Mandatory on first purchase. Annual coverage.

  • Universal Calendar Synchronization : OnePoint 2.0 offers seamless calendar synchronization with MS Exchange Room resource mailboxes that provides MS Outlook booked meetings to reflect on Arrive devices as well as Google Calendar meeting schedules.
  • Unified Global Management: OnePoint 2.0 provisions and manages designated room resources centrally including provisioning Arrive connected device user interfaces ensuring that policies and graphic standards are unified across geographic locations, time zones and different languages.
  • Cloud Application Delivery: Centrally allow applications that you wish to provide access to in group work places such as meeting rooms, classrooms and any other shared meeting places (ex. lobby areas, hot desks, HR interview rooms)
  • Cloud based Room Environment and AV Controls: With AVIoT automation server module (available separately), centrally provisions control user interface buttons and scripts for connected third party environment (ex. room blinds, lighting and AC/Heaters) and AV devices (ex. set-top boxes, DVD players, switchers,audio systems). OnePoint completely automates the UI design and deployment directly to wired and wireless control tablets.
  • Automatically detects active Arrive devices
  • Easy to navigate menu divided into main divisions and a sub-menu quick link for frequently accessed pages
  • Friendly and simple user icons
  • Provides preview windows for branding or control theme functions
  • Provides import/export functions for OnePoint control settings to easily control replication in similar room settings
  • Provides room control feedback and customized theme functions
  • Minimum Hardware Requirement
    • Processor:                   3.1 GHz 64-bit or faster multi-core processor
    • RAM:                            8 GB; recommended 12 GB RAM for high volume usage
    • Disk Space:                  80-100GB; 4 GB is the maximum size for embedded database while minimum 20 GB is needed for storing application files and database, this excludes operating system sizing
  • Software Requirement
    • OS-Server:                   MS Windows Server 2008 SP2 (32/64 bit)/R2 SP1 (64 bit); 2012/2012 R2 (64 bit); 2016 (64 bit)
    • Web Server:                Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0 and above
    • Framework:                 .NET Runtime 4.5 and above
  • Browser:
    • Google  Chrome ver. 40.0 - 58.0.xx
    • Safari ver. 8.0-10.0